Guest Post: God is…FAITHFUL

Nothing spurs me on in faith quite like hearing testimonies of God’s faithfulness.  We could read about God’s character and acquire head knowledge of who He is, but when we hear first-hand accounts, the knowledge of His unfailing character makes it’s way from our heads to our hearts and we see Jesus in action.  This is where deep trust is rooted.

With that being sDenisseaid, I’d like to introduce my guest blogger this week.  Denisse Warshak is a wife and a mother of three young children.  I met Denisse at the She Speaks Writers Conference, and right away her story touched my heart and ignited my faith.  Moreover, I could see that God had armed her with strength and that she was a woman who deeply knew and trusted God.

Denisse Guest PostIan and I met in high school. We dated through college and were married soon after. God blessed us with three beautiful children. Our lives were picture perfect. Then, something we never expected happened. Life for our family of five changed forever.

One thing would never change: God’s faithful and unchanging love for our family.

 The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does.

Psalm 145:13b

It was a dreary day in January. What started as a cold for my thirty-two year old husband quickly turned into pneumonia. To make matters worse, he was also in septic shock. The infection in his bloodstream caused him to be sedated and put on a ventilator the day he was admitted. His chance of survival was slim.

For eight days, his body lay in a hospital bed fighting. My role of wife and helper shifted and I was in a position I’d never wanted. All eyes were on me. It was more than I could bear.

I begged God to save Ian’s life. I was not ready to be a single mother with three children. Selfishly, I wanted a husband to grow old with. I wanted a father for my children.

My loving God answered my prayer! He healed Ian! Our kids and I would not have to live without him. And yet, life was hard. I had never experienced anything like this before. Hardship was only supposed to happen in movies.

Young wives were not supposed to be the head of their household. They were not supposed to make important decisions. They were not supposed to be weak. They were supposed to have all the answers, right?

My husband did survive. However, there was irreversible damage. The medications that were used to keep his vital organs alive also kept blood from flowing to his extremities. The result: black, necrotic fingers and feet. After several months of rehabilitation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we realized God’s plan was for him to have his fingers and legs amputated.

Life hasn’t been easy, but through this trial, God has never left our side. He has been in control of it all. None of this was a surprise to him. He ordained it to be this way.

Some people never have the opportunity to see God as I have. I’ve experienced his faithfulness firsthand. While my husband was in the hospital and I had to juggle my time between him and our children, God gave me the strength I needed to carry on.

On days when the heartache and pain of seeing my husband and children suffer were more than I could bear, God provided gentle reminders of his love.

When I didn’t understand why things were happening, he reminded me that he was in control and that his plans were better than mine.

God became my Comforter, my Provider, my every breath. He was in my first thought when I awoke each morning and my last thought before I drifted to sleep.

The role that I had mistakenly given to my husband for so long was filled by my loving Father, the one who cared enough to send his son to die for me. I am eternally grateful.

Today, my family has reached a new normal. My husband is a double below knee amputee without fingers. Our children are eight, five, and three years old. The last two and a half years have been a rollercoaster, full of unexpected highs and lows.

I’m excited to say that God has never left our side. He has been faithful and kept his promises to our family.

We know that life will never be like before, but, we believe it will be better than before.

In all things, we give God all the glory.

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