How to Exercise Your Authority in Christ 2

“ Elisha then traveled north to Bethel retracing his last steps with Elijah. On his way there, a large group of young boys came out of the city and began making fun of him: “Keep going, baldy! Keep going, baldy!” 24 When Elisha looked back at them, he spoke against them by the authority of the Eternal. Almost immediately, 2 female bears walked out of the forest and ripped up 42 of the young boys.”
2 Kings 2:23-24

Today as I read 2 Kings 1 and 2, my soul found rest in a God who has our backs.  In 2 Kings 1 we see Elijah speaking fire from Heaven to demolish the troops who came to arrest them.  All he had to do was speak his God-given authority and bam! Problem solved. 

Here in 2 Kings 2, Elisha is being mocked and teased by a group of bullies.  He too speaks against them by the authority of the Eternal, and almost immediately two bears come and take care of it.  Again, bam! Problem solved. 

As I read this I found myself thinking, “Why doesn’t God work that way anymore?  I would love to be able to speak fire from Heaven against those who oppose me.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!  And bears for bullies?  That would sure make sending Skylar to school for the first time a lot easier.  Kids these days can be so mean.”

Before I could even completely finish that thought I heard God whisper to my soul, “I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  What makes you think I don’t work that way anymore?” 

I responded, “Wow, God. You are right.  You are the same God who sent fire down from Heaven and bears out of the forest.  You had Elijah’s back, you had Elisha’s back, and I know you have my back.  I have seen it.”

Instantly examples of God having my back came to mind.  He reminded me of all the times He has answered my prayers and taken care of me and my family.  I had the feeling that He wasn’t done speaking yet, so I quieted my heart and leaned in a little closer. 

“You long to speak with the same God-given authority as Elijah and Elisha, to speak against the opposition in your life like they did.  Stacie, it is yours.  Proclaim my promises!  Instead of carrying around these fears of yours, speak the authority of my word against them.  When doubts rise up, speak in the authority of me, the Eternal God.  Cry out to me as Elijah did, and though you may or may not see fire from Heaven, you will see my hand at work on your behalf.  Stop fearing and speak my truth!”

What do you need to exercise your authority against today?  Are fears creeping into your heart? Doubts rising up and clouding your vision? 

Don’t spend another day being bullied by those doubts and fears.  

Take hold of the authority given to us through Christ Jesus—authority over the power of the enemy. 

Authority to speak His promises, take hold of faith and walk on in victory.   

Have a faith-filled, victorious day today!

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