Speaking Ministry

One of my favorite things to do, aside from writing, is speaking to groups of fellow sisters in Christ.  Through my involvement in Women’s Ministry, I have fallen in love with the hearts of His girls. There’s just something inspiring about coming together in a community of hearts that beat for Jesus.  One of the things I love most about speaking is the way the Holy Spirit takes over.  He never fails to surprise nor amaze me.  Using examples from my journey through infertility, a miscarriage, numerous pregnancy complications, and almost losing my youngest child twice, my stories highlight the power and ability of God to transform an anxious, fear-filled heart and lead us deeper into an intimate relationship with Himself.  

Stacie is available to speak at women’s events and retreats.  Please use the form on the Contact Stacie page to request Stacie to speak at your event.

Speaking Topics:

3 P’s of Perspective

Through the story of her youngest daughter’s miraculous birth and recovery after a crash c-section, Stacie shares her journey to gain a godly perspective through the 3 P’s of Perspective.

  • Submit to his Preparation
  • Rest in his Presence
  • Trust in his Purpose

Fear Not

(Can be broken into two parts.)

Recounting the journey God took her on after almost losing her youngest child on two separate occasions, Stacie will lead you through practical steps to overcome your biggest fears.

  • Stop fear at the door and take captive every thought.
  • Don’t cut and run.  Be still and know that He is God.
  • Refuse the lie that you are in control, and surrender it all to our Sovereign God.
  • Release your grip on those you hold dear and allow God to be their refuge and safety.
  • Let His faithful promises be your armor and protection rather than your own human efforts.

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