Be Still, and Know that HE IS GOD


Last weekend I did something I thought I would never do again…I joined my husband on one of his hunting trips. The first time I tagged along on a hunting excursion, well, let’s just say hunting proved to be not my thing; however, seeing his face light up every time he talks about it convinced me that I needed to give it another shot. So I did.

Saturday evening we ventured out for an evening hunt. We took the 4-wheelers up a trail then hiked further up the mountain to an opening in the trees. Stopping in the opening, I began to look around and breathe in the magnificent beauty while my husband and his hunting partner, George, began using their elk bugle and cow call.

Just as I was thinking this was peaceful and relaxing we heard timber breaking down below and a bull elk began running up the mountain toward us. Schad instructed me to crouch down behind a bush and he and George ducked down behind separate bushes about 10 feet away from me on either side.

So there I was, dressed like foliage, ducking behind a bush, with a bull elk running straight toward us. My heart was pounding and it occurred to me, for all that elk knows, I AM the bush. What if he steps on me? Or worse, what if he realizes I’m not a bush and attacks me with his very pointy antlers? I could just see the headline in tomorrow’s paper.

Feeling just a bit of panic set in, I whispered over to my husband behind his bush, “Babe, I’m scared, what do I do?”

“Be still,” he motioned.

“But what if he steps on me?”

He placed his finger over his mouth, signaling me to be quiet.

Once more, seeing this massive animal coming closer, I whispered, “Can I come over to your bush?”

Again he motioned, “Stay still. DO NOT move.”

Eventually the elk caught sight of Schad and took off. We all giggled about my silly fear that only a wife posing as a hunter would have, but as I recalled our encounter, something about it seemed so familiar.

You see, when fears arise, things don’t go the way I expected, or things get rocky, my first instinct is usually to cut and run.   And I have heard those words before, from God. Be still.

“He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God…’”

-Psalm 46:10

When my instinct is to cut and run, to get out from behind the scary situation and head to another bush, God says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

For the remainder of the trip, there was a lot of opportunity to “be still.” As I sat under a tree on Sunday morning, stilled in His Presence and the beauty of creation surrounding me, God spoke His words over my quieted soul,

“You see why it’s okay to be still? I created all this, and in me all things hold together. (Colossians 1:17) In your stillness, it is I who is holding all of this together, and I will work out the plans I have for your life. (Psalm 138:8) In quietness and trust is your strength. (Isaiah 30:15) Just be still and trust me.”     

I bet my hurried and sometimes anxious heart was not the only one needing to be stilled and quieted by His words. Do you find yourself in a situation you want out of today? Are you looking to run to someone else’s bush because it looks safer and easier over there? If so, my friend, know you are not alone. From one fellow ship-jumper to another, might I challenge you to be still, and know that He is God?

He’s got this. He is holding it together. He is holding you together. He will work out the plans He has for your life. Be still and trust Him.

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